Keep the baby correct

At the very beginning of your baby's life, the best for him is the horizontal position. It suits best because he himself tries to choose him for himself. Only after it is growing, it will be possible to replace the horizontal vertical position.
Even after breastfeeding, you can contact the horizontal position of the baby. It is necessary to maintain a child behind the back and for the ass, not letting the deviate too much.
The baby is accustomed to be in a pose, which is known as the pose of the embryo. In it, the baby is the first two or three months. For this posture, it is important to maintain not only the head, but also the neck of the baby. At the same time, they can move freely with their legs and hands.
In addition, there are also options when you can keep a child or as if he sleeps on his stomach, or when he sits on a chair. At the same time, it is important to keep it with both hands so that he cannot strain his muscles and joints too much. Pose in a position on a chair is better not to apply months to three, small children can not make it proper for it. A familiar to this should serve too much deviation back, most often it concerns the head.
We are all accustomed to use strollers in order to transport babies on the street. But it also has the opportunity to choose various backpacks and bags that allow you to leave the baby next to you, but at the same time free your hands. These devices allow you to provide a child a natural position in which it can be quite a long time. However, you should not be too fascinated by these devices, because for kids such a position still turns out to be some load, they are tired after some time. You should not use them in the event that the child has problems with muscle tone, as well as, in the presence of dysplasia.
Even if your muscular tone has in order, it can react poorly to any changes occurring with its position. Do not worry about this. Just he is not yet able to control his body. It is enough to make it so that he can see everything that happens next.
Even if certain problems with the hips are present, it does not mean at all that you are deprived of the opportunity to keep your baby. Just need to choose the right and useful form. Try to stroke and caress the child, showing him your attention and love. Complete your back and neck correctly so that they are not very strained. Use the Melbet Promo Code when opening an account at to get the online betting site's biggest free bet offer. An extra 30% bonus is available when you make your first deposit using this code, giving new players a 130% deposit bonus in total! There are a couple of different welcome bonus offers available, so you must decide which one best suits your style of betting. This page will explain all you need to know, how to claim each offer, and much more.