Dispatcher TR: Anniversary

Leave the dispatching. Jump to the packages near the stairs. Jump up along the big boxes near and take to the top green box. Jump to the package that hangs on the tower cable. Move left for turning and jump on the platform behind you.
Go to the end of the platform. In the left wall entrance to the corridor. Follow the tunnel, turn right and go down the stairs. Go ahead and go down the stairs.
Go down the bed in the room. Go to the other side of the camera. Take the blue fuse and return to the entrance. Jump on the sloping hill, then on the edge of the cliff. Come over the turn and jump onto the pipe behind you. Rear to the top of the pipe and jump on the roadside again. Go left.
Jump on the protrusion in the wall. Jump from the ledge on the ledge when you get to Niche. Jump from Niche to grasp by the edge of the tunnel. Return to the tunnel and go to the dispatching.
Insert the blue fuse in the socket. Press the green fuse button and then the blue fuse button. The suspension package breaks the roof of the glazed room. Go there, jump into the box, and then jump on the roof. Enter the room and take two pistols. Shoot the window and jump through the hole.
Follow the tunnel leading along the lines, on the left side of the dispatch. Next to the glazed cabin, sit on the trolley in front of the cab and jump to the mountain car. Shoot the window. Come to the department and click the button - the machine will move along the line.
Close to the bottom of the car. Turn on it. The car will go to the dispatch. Suddenly Larson will appear. He took one of the fuses and does not want to give it to you, so ...
The scratch depends on the press of the respective direction keys. It will be a short battle. After the victory, take the blue fuse and shotgun.
Go to the control room and put a blue fuse in place. Press the button next to the line will be unlocked. Return to the car and turn it on. After two turns, the trail will end - a wall with two logs will appear, but the drill will break it.
Leave the car and go to the cave with Loo. Jump on the platform on the left, then on the pole and the groove. Jump to the next groove and jump on a small part of the design, which is behind you. Go left and jump on the next edge. Then jump on the platform behind you.
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