Sauna benefits for body beauty: 5 main stages

Oh, how often we hear the admiring exclamations about the benefits of the sauna. Many argue that an extraordinary ease appears, the skin shines and is so easily breathing after the adoption of this miraculous procedure.

Experts argue that the sauna is much easier to be transferred to women than the bath. At the same time, the effect of the sauna is as tally and meaning. There is a wonderful skin surface swelling, the slags have accumulated over long weeks, blood circulation, metabolic processes and regeneration of skin cells are accelerated, fatigue is removed and there are still many little miracles in our body.

What is so unusual happening in this mysterious room called "Sauna", which gives us vigor, youth and energy? And how to prepare for the sauna and what to do in it? This is what we are talking about.

Stage 1. Before the sauna.

Preparation for visiting is very important. Collect the necessary attributes: towels, rubber shoes, hair cap, cosmetics: masks, scrubs, special nutritious creams. Capture a must herbal tea, morse, berries or fruits, green tea and so on. Lost moisture must be replenished in a timely manner.

Stage 2. A visit to the steam room.

Before you go to the pair, take a warm shower, after which you very carefully wipe the body with a towel. If you leave the moisture drops on the skin, the warming will take place unevenly. Then go to the pair and occupy the lowest shelves, gradually moving above. The body needs time to adapt and do not strive to immediately take everything and sit until the seventh sweat, better make more goals. Experts argue that in order not to harm the vascular system is enough 5-10 minutes for the first clown in the pair. If you feel some degree of indisposition earlier, risk tone and do not look at the girlfriends. Get out! Accept the cool shower and go to the next step.

Stage 3. Pool.

Swimming in the pool will remove fatigue from the muscles and will dissolve them, allowing you to throw out extra acid and speed up the metabolic processes.

Stage 4. Rest.

In the sauna you need to relax a lot (15-20 minutes. Until the next cloudy approach), drink useful drinks and think about pleasant. Postpone all the problems and discussions on the next.

Stage 5. Masks.

Masks are applied only during rest. It is necessary to wash them up to the next clock in the steam room. It is better to use breaks from the second, so the body will have time to prepare well for the perception of the beneficial components of the cosmetic agent. Our exclusive 1Xbet Promo Code gives you a VIP sports bonus that is a 100% match on your first deposit worth up to €/$130 (or your country’s currency equivalent). We’ll reveal how to claim it using our 1XBET sign up code in the next section. For casino lovers, you should check out our other exclusive 1XBET bonus: up to €1950 in bet credits, as well as 150 free spins to use on selected slot games. Remember that 1XBET doesn't accept players from restricted territories and our coupon code can be used for every section.