Metal Gear Rising Tips: Revengeance - Mission: R-00 Guard Duty

Despite the fact that you probably completed the training regime (which looks like a virtual reality mission), the first mission is a real introduction, a kind of training manual, which will allow you to try out the main techniques of Rajna in practice. This mission is deprived of some options available to you, such as updating and unlocking new tricks - they become accessible only after completing this stage.

Use prompts displayed on the screen.

The VIP you had to guard, abduct, and your task is to save the hostage. First of all, we understand three opponents - use the help displayed on the screen to your help if you do not remember the thing presented in the manual. Having understood with the enemies, run to the marker on the radar - you get to the wall with metal gates.

Your task is to go through the gate (destroy them with a sword) and go through the first battle with the boss. You can also practice a little on the enemies that will go out over the wall is a continuous process, and you will never kill them all, but you will not win anything by killing them, they are there you can train a chopping strike and parry. When they get tired, go through the gate and activate the screensaver.

Shells that are crashed into the ground and explode in a few seconds - if you move all the time, you can not even notice them.

Stomp - a red marker will appear on Earth, where Ray will turn in a moment, which will bring you a hard damage. As soon as you notice a red marker, run from there (for example, to the other leg of the boss), and everything will be fine.

Vertical or horizontal paw attack. The boss will stop for a moment because it prepares an attack. Use this moment to get away from it and avoid attack.

Beautiful view of small pieces

Fighting Metal Gear Ray comes down to attacking his legs - as soon as you apply a sufficient damage, an instruction will appear on the screen to use the blade mode to cut the armor and the enemy's gun. If you repeat this action 4 times, the boss will attack you with your blade, and another QTE sequence will begin. Follow the instructions and press the buttons that appear on the screen, and soon the boss will fall to the ground.

Descent into the sewer where the data store is located.

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