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Science fights alopecia.


Well, this word sounds confusing and tough. It is negative. It has a negative meaning. Guys, alopecia is hair loss. Some information we want to share in this article may be kind of hard to understand, but we will try our best to keep it simple.

Alopecia or hair loss happens because of the disrupting effects of androgen group hormones. Did you know that nowadays around 80% of men worldwide suffer from alopecia? This is HUGE. And this is not the worst news, buddy. We regret to say this but the first signs of alopecia appear by  the age of 20-30. Keep this in mind, remember this figure.

Whatever Google says, it does not mean that all cases appear due to hormonal dysfunction. Sometimes you just need more certain macro- or microelements. It is all individual. You know we all are different. What is good for you doesn’t necessarily help your friend. It is the same with our body, skin and hair. Right, hairy buddies, first you have to recognize the reasons and then start treatment. 

Stop, don’t get upset! We are lucky because we live in the 21st century. And science is moving forward too. 

Good news is that the science people try to invent new formulas or develop the latest ones. Today we have several medical drugs that can be used to fight alopecia. And everyone may get them, believe us. So let’s discuss what treatment science people offer.  

The most effective treatment care is the one that has minoxidil or copexyl in its composition. Do you know what’s good about copexyl, for instance? It can prolong the hair growth phase. But you should know that it requires a longer time. If you use it regularly, you will see the result only in around two months. Keep it stable. This way it will prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.  

BUT keep your track. If the problem started more than five years ago and you did nothing, the effect of it will not be too strong. But if you start to use it asap, you will definitely succeed. 

Another drug is called finasteride. It is intended for internal use. If you find a product that includes finasteride, you should know that it will lead to less production of hormones responsible for hair loss. It is quite simple, isn’t it?

What’s else? Spironolactone. Well, it is usually prescribed for cardiovascular diseases, but it also affects the production of the hormone responsible for hair growth. Spironolactone has quite a lot of antibiotics and side effects, so you first need to see a doctor. Like, it is crucial, guys.

And finally, hair transplantation. This option will probably require all your courage, buddy. It is really simple. And there is no reason to be afraid. Your own hair will be used for this procedure, and this can be done multiple times. Transplanted follicles start to reproduce new hair after two to three months. You will see the final result after a year. Huge pro is that the effect lasts a lifetime. It all sounds great, you know, but it is really important to find the expert. 

Speaking of experts, did you know that we can fix this too, huh? We really can help you with hair transplantation. FYI, Head & Beard works with the best clinics in Istanbul. Also, a month later after transplantation doctors recommend using cosmetics to stimulate hair growth for the best effect. One of them is our Starter! So, follow the link above and leave a message. You will get free consultation and one step closer to your dream hairstyle!   

We hope that this article will help you, even though some of you may not deal with this problem. We believe that the more people know the better they are prepared. So, no worries and panic, if you start losing hair. As you have seen, there are always ways to solve the problem. Drop us a message, subscribe and stay with us for more HAIR.