New hairstyle after parting

A person strengthens his identity with the help of external features and thanks to how the surroundings perceives. For example, familiar says: "You are so so such" - often a repeated statement helps to maintain clarity with respect to its own identity. Personality is reflected in clothing, hairstyle and other status symbols. So a person shows another who he is.
Parting is a very big and difficult change that changes the idea of ​​yourself. To forget about it and cope with the new situation, it may well help and change the external features - for example, a new hairstyle.
Is the desire for change equally for women and men?
In men, the change is manifested in other things. They are not inclined to express their identity through appearance. As a rule, men do not change the hairstyle, and instead can buy a new car. In addition, male hairstyles are often very homogeneous, so here there is little place for maneuver. But they also have a striving for change.
Does the optical change help when parting?
It is impossible to say that any person will become easier after external changes. But the desire to change arises from many. And this is good. It is necessary to gain courage to change and, for example, make yourself a new hairstyle. Completely alleged classic - briefly cut the hair. Often in women in relationships are long hair, which is a typical sign of femininity. And short hair is associated with emancipation.
Modified hairstyle is part of a new lifestyle. In combination with a new look at life, the new haircut really helps to cope with parting.
How much time is required to completely come to yourself after breaking?
The relations are very different, therefore, the phase after the gap can pass faster or slower. This is largely due to its own personality structure, as well as the question: What function did these relationships?
For example, if a man has little self-confidence, and he chose himself into partners an allegedly strong woman, but then a break occurred, the question arises, is it aware of this at some point and is it ready to work on his own self-awareness.
Or a mentioned man remains as it is, and quickly finds himself the next partner to fill this gap. Then he is good and quickly copes with experiences about the break. But, perhaps, he did not have these experiences, and he simply again compensated for his low self-esteem with other relations.
It always depends largely on what function to fulfill the partnership for a person. If someone had a strong dependence on the relationship, of course, the gap will live long and difficult.
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