Replacing the Glass on Your Stove Door

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replace stove glass

If the glass on your Stove Door has broken or just simply cracked you will need to replace the glass to ensure your stove continues to operate at an efficient rate.

Before you attempt to replace the glass, we recommend that you wear a pair of safety gloves to ensure you do not cut yourself with the broken or cracked glass.

In order to make the job as easy as possible for yourself, remove the door from the stove. Removing the door is a simple process. With most Waterford Stanley Stoves, it is just a simple case of lifting the door off of it’s hinges.

Once the door has been removed, lay it front-face down on some old newspaper or cardboard.


Firstly start by brushing the inside of the stove door to remove loose ash and dirt that will have accumulated around the frame of where the glass slots into the door. Once this is done loosen the four metal catches that hold the glass to the door. This can often be difficult due to a build up of deposits of ash and tar, so a can of WD-40 spray to lubricate the catches will make the job a lot less difficult.

Once the catches have been loosened, carefully remove the cracked glass from the door and set it down on some old newspaper.

Take your new piece of glass, complete with glass tape and put it into place, ensuring the glass tape is between the glass and the door.

Once you are happy with how your glass is aligned with the door, lightly tighten the glass catches/fasteners, allowing room for the glass to expand when the stove is lit.

Remount  the door onto the stove’s hinges and your stove should be back in working order.