Wascharger Plaques in Harry Potter

Tips for the passage of the game Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. Walkthrough
Plaques wizard
Two things about wasts of the wizard: you should always apply the correct spell in place with plaques, and you should always explore them (ENTER). When there will be some kind of cup under the plates, pour incendio, and the cup will turn into a lamp so that you can carefully consider the signs. In other cases, look for distinguishing wall fragments and overlap Accio.
Such a selection means "throwing at me ACCIO."
Exploding equipment
There are 2 options Exploding Snap. The first is quite simple, but requires some reflex, especially if you want to get a higher score. Rules are simple: when you see two identical pictures, right-click - your one point. You must dial the required amount of points to win the game. The most difficult thing is that the cards are mixed faster and faster. The second is a little more difficult (I would even say that luck is needed for victory). This is a type of memorization game. You have 20 cards, and you open them in pairs. You need to find two identical pictures. The cards explode shortly after you first open them (of course, if you do not find a couple before). In Hogwarts there are only 2 player Exploding Snap. Their location is indicated below.
Chess statues
Chess statues of wizards are hidden behind the big curtains (most of them) or for web spiders (only some of them). You can push the curtains by applying Wingardium Leviosa. Insendio must burn the web.
Fred and George Packages
The brothers hid twelve bags with fireworks in Hogwarts. Here are their location.
Note to number 1: Looking outside the tower, on one of the shelves around it - the bird will hit it to the ground.
Pay attention to the Hagrid hut area: most packages in this area are hidden in plants. Shoot ACCIO on them.
In such plants a lot of packages. Just use ACCIO.
Note to Number 10: You will probably find this package during the task of Colin Cruson. She is on one of the shelves.
Note to number 12: The package is behind the bookshelf in the first room of the library - move it to the depuleso.
Signs of honors Hogwarts
Differences are hidden by groups of four people on three courtyards of Hogwarts. By the way, the riddles associated with them should be solved, because they cost a lot of points - I strongly recommend visiting the section "Ordinary items and riddles more complicated"! Best Ukrainian dating website. Find Stunnish ukrainian women on https://annadating.com for chat. Free Credits available.