Leverage Certificates


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You like to take a risk for extraordinary chances of profit? Do you want to make quick and lavish profits with a small investment and accept possible total losses? Then leverage certificates are the right choice. They allow you to bet on both rising and falling prices and multiply, i.e. leverage, the price change of a share or an index.

However, the risk of loss is also enormous, because when a predetermined knock-out threshold is reached, the securities expire worthless. Nevertheless, for those who like to take risks, leverage certificates are an attractive challenge. Find out more in our webinar: "Profit from any market situation with leverage certificates".


Warrants work similarly to leverage certificates. However, there is no knock-out threshold that devalues such a security. Nevertheless, price changes are also leveraged, and warrants also allow you to bet on rising or falling prices with maturities of up to three years.

If you are not afraid of risk, not afraid of losses, but want to take advantage of attractive profit opportunities, learn more about this interesting class of securities from the derivatives sector (derived securities like https://exnesslatam.com/trading-de-energias/). Our two webinars "Getting started with trading warrants" and "The professional handling of warrants" will provide you with valuable knowledge.

Fundamental analysis: How to identify favorable stocks

Knowledge of securities is one thing - knowledge of how to select them is another. Especially in the area of stocks, there are a variety of strategies that facilitate good selection. Probably the most important and most successful in the long term is the so-called fundamental analysis. The aim of this strategy is to find stocks whose current market value is significantly below the true ("fair") value of the respective company.

This is because, as a rule, the stock market value approaches this fair value in the medium to long term - the shares rise. In the two webinars "Fundamental Analysis Shares, Part 1" and "Fundamental Analysis Shares, Part 2" you will learn about this strategy. You will learn which key figures and selection criteria help you to identify successful stocks.

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The most important points at a glance:

    Stocks are not the only interesting investments. Also exciting are:
        ETFs (exchange-traded index funds)
        ETCs (exchange-traded commodities)
        Leverage certificates (securities that multiply the price performance of a share or an index)
        Warrants (securities that also have leverage, but function differently than leverage certificates)
        Mutual funds (securities with built-in risk diversification)
        Bonds (chunked loans that you can buy as an investor).
    To trade strategically as an investor is to trade wisely. A valuable strategy for selecting the right stocks is fundamental analysis. This involves identifying favorable stocks based on certain key performance indicators.
    Therefore, take advantage of our webinars - stock market knowledge pays off!