The 5 best car mounts

It may be that there is no privacy at home. Or maybe you're simply ready for something new. Either way, a hot sex session in the car is never a bad idea. The missionary position in the back seat is simple and effective, but how about these five positions? Just a little more exciting....

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The waterfall

Do it, because: blood also flows to the other head

Actually, for this purpose you need a slightly more spacious car, with a bit more leg room, to be precise. Sit on the passenger seat and push it as far back as possible so that you have enough room to rest your head and shoulders on the floor. Your buttocks rest on the seat itself. Let them rest on top. In this position, blood flows to the head, making the orgasm particularly intense. Caution.

The chair is lava

Do it because: good G-spot stimulation.

This is not only tasty, but also comfortable. Sit on the passenger seat and place your feet on the floor. Have her sit on your lap with her back to you. In this position, she can push with the dashboard or simply with her feet. She can also choose the angle and rhythm for maximum pleasure.

Lap dance

Do it because: extra personal for more intimacy.

Sit back in the passenger seat. He comes and sits on your lap, looks at you and embraces you. Once she is comfortable, she can move up and down, supporting herself with her legs and knees. You can help her by grabbing her bottom and speeding up the pace a little.

The princess on a pea

Do it because: the stand for oral sex outdoors, plus: a good warm-up.

Fold in the leg room next to the passenger seat. It takes its place right on the seat and can guide you easily. In addition, it has a good view of what you are doing and this is extremely exciting for many women.

The shoulder support

Phallus because: deep penetration and G-spot stimulation

For this position, it is good if your car is a little higher so that you have enough headroom. She lies supine on the back seat, you kneel between her legs and lift her so that her calves are on your shoulders. In this position your penis is in direct contact with the front wall of her vagina, so as to stimulate her G-spot. You can also thrust deeper than usual, but increase slowly.