Family Cosmetics White Deer

The recommended line from the allergy pharmacy is innovative dermatological soaps for people struggling with skin problems - with red, green and white clay, zinc, activated carbon and hytiol. Each of them serves for various dermatological purposes, such as reducing the symptoms of acne in adolescents or a decrease in the visibility of blood vessels and redness, but they all wonderfully clean the sensitive allergic skin. It should be emphasized that the allergy pharmacy soap was created on the basis of animal fat, which is very compatible with the skin of a person, and at the same time was obtained as a by-product of the food industry in accordance with the philosophy of zero waste.
It is also worth noting manufacturers who refuse to use synthetic dyes in favor of natural dyes, juices and vegetable extracts. There are many alternatives to synthetic colored products on the market. Choosing them, we care about our health and health of our children.
Care sets
Velvet treatment pharmacy allergic white deer (200 ml + 150 ml + 60 ml + 125 g).
Set for cleaning velvet treatment pharmacy Allergy Biay Jele (200 ml + 250 ml + 250 ml);
Velvet wash face, pharmacy, allergies, white deer (150 ml);
Velvet procedure for the care of the body of the pharmacy ALERGY WHITE DEER (250 ml);
Means for washing hair Velvet Pharmacy Allergy Biay Jele (250 ml);
Velvet treatment of swollen legs and pharmacy feet Allergy Biay Jele (150 ml);
Velvet tool for handing over the pharmacy allergy BIAY JELE (60 ml);
Velvet care for pharmacy is allergic white deer (60 ml);
Barghaty body care. Pharmacy. Allergy. White deer (200 ml);
Velvet tool for intimate hygiene. Velvet for removing micellar makeup pharmacy allergy Biay Jele (400 ml);
The zinc dermatological soap Pharmacy Allergy White Deer - cleans the skin from dirt and helps reduce acne symptoms, effectively matting (125 g);
The dermatological soap of the green clay Pharmacy Allergy White Deer is for oily and combined skin, reduces the tendency to the excessive shelter of the skin (125 g).
Velvet treatment
Contains a rich lutein extract of calendula, which reduces the symptoms of premature aging of the skin caused by visible light by prolonged amplification of natural skin protection. The skin becomes more resistant to redness after the exposure of the Sun. The composition of the flavoring does not contain allergens. Best dating chat rooms for finding single slavic woman on .