Why a no-registration casino is not for everyone

When it became possible to use BankID to log in to gambling sites, a new type of casino emerged. These sites are alternately called pay'n play casino, casino without account, or casinos without registration. When these sites first appeared, they were not very impressive. They rarely had a wide range of games and they never gave out bonuses. Today, these casinos have become so good that they have almost competed with other gambling sites. However, there are players who stubbornly continue to play at casinos with cumbersome registration and even these sites have advantages. If you want to learn more about good casinos, you should visit android casinon.


What are the advantages of a casino without registration?

Registration is required even at pay'n play casinos. However, the registration process is so quick and smooth that you hardly even notice that you are registering. When you make a deposit, often using Trustly, you authorise the deposit with BankID. Registration takes place at the same time as the deposit. Apart from this easier registration, pay'n play casinos work in much the same way as regular gambling sites. These casinos now have about as many games as their competitors. One disadvantage of pay'n play android casinon is their bonus. Often these sites offer no bonus at all and if they do offer a bonus it is often very small. However, there are other advantages:

  • Faster
  • Smoother
  • Safer

Not only are registration and deposits quick and easy at pay'n play casinos, payouts are also lightning fast. At regular gambling sites, withdrawals often take a day, at pay'n play casinos they take minutes. These gambling sites are often more logically structured than older sites and they are fully mobile-friendly. Searching for games is often easy thanks to smart search functions. These sites are also very secure. This is partly because they have a Swedish licence and partly because of the technology they use. Payment solutions such as Trustly are very secure and the fast payouts ensure that players withdraw all their money when they have finished playing.

Casino with cumbersome registration

All Swedish gambling sites currently use registration with BankID. However, casinos without a Swedish license still use the old username and password system. At these gambling sites, you have to fill in a lot of information about yourself when you register. After registration, the account often needs to be verified, which can be done in different ways. Sometimes the casino will ask you to send copies of your driving licence or passport to verify your account. Deposits with Trustly are usually not possible at these sites, and withdrawals can take several days. However, there are advantages to these sites that are worth the hassle:

  • Game selection
  • Bonus

Casinos without registration often have a very good selection of games. However, if you want to play at the casinos with the world's largest game selection, you will have to play at sites with foreign licenses and endure more complicated registration. At Swedish pay'n play casinos, you don't get much of a bonus. If you want a big welcome bonus, you should choose another type of casino. If, in addition to the welcome bonus, you also want to receive recurring reload bonuses, recurring rewards, cashback and access to profitable VIP programs with bonuses and free spins, you need to choose a casino without a Swedish license. Much is inferior at these sites, but the bonuses are clearly better.