Bad habits that can interfere with your happiness

Do you know about your bad habits? Suppose you do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol, eat right and do sports, do not spread things around the apartment and do not nibble nails.

However, believe me, there are much deeper and destructive dependencies that interfere with us in everyday life and are an obstacle to achieve some global life goals. To understand this and the top of the most bad habits prevent us in life were compiled.

Gossip is one of the most common deviations observed in communication between people. Discussion and criticism of someone for his back never brought anything good. Gossiping, man earns those who surround extremely negative attitude towards himself.

The reverse side of the medal is self-criticism. Despite the fact that you should not discard constructive comments in your own address, you don't need to practice myself as well, however, how to apply any overestimated demands for this in order to like everyone else - it is impossible to like everyone.

Exercise - this is absolutely ungrateful and unnecessary occupation takes away from you a lot of time. In addition, a justified person looks at least a pity. Instead of excuses, it is necessary to try to convince the opponent that in this situation you have laid out completely and all that you only could depend on you, you have fulfilled.

Complaints - oddly enough, this is also one of the forms of communication. However, this approach to relationships is practically guaranteed to put the cross in almost any respect.

No, it does not mean that it is necessary to restrain all your emotions in yourself, however, it is necessary to have a sense of measure and that this is not transformed from a single case into a habit. After all, no one is to blame for your trouble or you made a mistake with your own choice. In the case of any difficult situation, you need to either try to overcome it yourself, or seek help from a specialist.

An attempt to control everything just does not lead to positive results. Such people are extremely hard to work in a team and even more so under the guidance of some other person. The reason for this is both an overestimated self-esteem and doubt about the abilities of the people around.

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