Films that are worth looking at the weekend

Police Academy 3: Retraining (1986)

The city has two competing police academy, one under the command of Lassar's commandant, the other is under the command of Mauser. Both are very expensive in service, and one of them must close. Mauser is confident in his victory. Lassard, in turn, attracts four of his best graduates, Mahoney, Highauer, Jones and Hoks to save the honor of the Academy. The deadly battle begins, full of funny situations and unexpected changes in the plot.

Strong nut (1988)

A classic fighter with a bold role Bruce Willis in the role of a policeman. A Christmas party is held in the Skyscraper of the Japanese Corporation in Los Angeles. Among the staff is John McClein's wife, a police officer from New York, who arrived in California. At this time, the skyscraper includes terrorists who want to steal several million dollars from the treasury. The only thing they did not foresee is the fact that McClain hides in the labyrinth of the floors and corridors. A duel begins, during which John alone eliminates criminals.

Fast and Furious 4 (2009)

Hiding on the Caribbean, Dominic returns to Los Angeles when he learns about the death of his girl - Letty. It turns out that the order to kill her gave the ruthless heroin king Antonio Braga. Don swars out to take revenge. After the funeral, he meets Brian who needs bills. Don and Brian will unite efforts and, despite disagreements, together will pursue the killer in the Mexican desert, where the final duel will be held.

Back to the Future 2 (1989)

The second part of the story about a slightly crazy doctor and his time car. This time, Dr. Emmet Brown and his friend Marty are departed to the future to prevent the "destruction" of the future family of Marty. A series of unusual cases makes the past (and, therefore, the future) change. Marty and Doctor decide to fix what they did ...

Fast and Furious (2001)

The story of gangs competing for the championship in racing on the city streets on converted cars. These gangs are also suspected of a series of heavy trucks. To eradicate this grouping, a police broach (Paul Walker) penetrates one of them. Competition between gangs is gaining momentum, and Brian has new problems - he falls in love with the gang leader's sister.

Host (2008)

Brian (Liam Nison) is a former spy that has a 17-year-old daughter. The girl really wants to go to Paris, and the father under certain conditions allows it to do it. One day, Brian's daughter calls him and with tears in his eyes, he said that they were kidnapped by traders. Former spy will have to use all his skills to find and save the girl, until it has become too late. Find out best forex trading brokers in South Africa on . Only real reviews about forex.