Tips on the passage of the game Tyranny. Useful guides. # 122

On hunt

In the "Marche Deserter" (M17) you will meet two men: Locke and Miroch. Speaking with them, you will learn that Mirek rose to the side of Raetommona, so you have to kill him, even if you are not the first hit. If you were also not attacked by Locke, it will help you in battle, if only you do not attack Mirohem with athletics in a conversation. To find another evidence, a highlights of Mirohem. Raising the key on it, you will open Twin Rivers.

In this place you will also find a woman named Calea, which will give you a side quest: blind ambitions.

Twin Rivers and the second visit to Oldwalls

You can join the battle in Twin Rivers or refuse to help, if you do not like a partnership with a bronze fraternity.

What is interesting, in Twin Rivers (M18) there is a continuous battle. You will contact you Calus's bronze fraternity brother, who will ask for help in reflection of Bane's attack. If you immediately agree, you will get insignificant benefit from the fraternity. Then you can simply watch the battle from afar. To move forward, you need to cross the Broad (M18,1), for which you need 47 ranks in athletics.

If you go east of the entrance to Oldwalls, you will meet Velby from the Brotherhood, who also fights Bane. If you help her, and then talk to her, you will additionally get moderate fraternity.

It's time to enter the old walls (M18,2). At the entrance to you, several members of the fraternity will be suitable. Flooring Ferris - Raetommon's soldier and does not want to skip you, but if you have limp 49, you can take a key with a torch that allows you to penetrate deeper in Oldwalls without a fight. If there is Lantry in your group, he will join the conversation, and if you let him say, he will convince the plane to give you the key. Keep in mind that if you begin to fight now, you will have to defeat other members of the fraternity in the old walls.

After you put a flashlight in the flashlight, the clamping plates on the floor or the walls are unlocked.
The lantern key must be placed in a shining lamp (M35,1), which is a pedestal with a white sign floating over it. Then press the plates to the floor in front of the door. To get to the next camera (M35.3), double-click on the stairs until the highest point and press the plate on the floor to expand the bridge. Cross it and go to the end of the corridor. You can also use a key torch to open the remaining doors, but keep in mind that you will have to fight with Bane and neutralize traps. Looking for Eastern European girlfriend? Best European girls on with free credits. Find you love from Europe Online.